A Trip to the Zoo
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I’ll always remember one special day, we took a trip... we were on our way to the greatest fun I’d ever had... with baby sis’ and Mom and Dad.

We went to the zoo and saw the seals. We caught them in time, eating their meals.

They all cried out and got their wish... the attendant fed them tuna fish.

After that we went downstairs, to our surprise, saw polar bears!

Coming towards us swimming fast! Good thing they’re behind the glass.

Then off we went to the children’s zoo, we saw the cows and heard them “moo.”

We heard the “ba-a-a” of baby sheep, and petted them till they fell asleep.

The baby elephant, boy, he’s cute... stretched his trunk for a piece of fruit.

He gave the fruit to a giraffe nearby, who stood so tall, he touched the sky.

The zebra stripes were an awesome sight, like a tiger’s skin, but black and white.

The tiger’s stripes were awesome, too, but you’ll never find them at a petting zoo.

The baby monkey climbed the wall. He swung on vines but he’d never fall.

His arms were long, he swung all day. I guess that’s how they got that way.

There were strange things there at the zoo, from a platypus to a kangaroo.

The platypus was out of luck, he’s made part beaver and one-part duck.

The rhinoceros had one sharp horn, like a big gray armored unicorn.

Alligator skin looked like green tile, much like the skinnier crocodile.

We walked indoors and saw a rat... dinner for the vampire bat.

Or the python who’s big and slow, but if he’d get you, he won’t let go.

We walked outside to the kangaroo, and waved goodbye as we left the zoo.

We bought balloons, took photographs, we learned a lot and shared some laughs.

We rode the train, my sister and I... we had the best time... “Ya wanna know why?”

The animals were great, but my favorite part...

by far was the memories I’ve kept in my heart.

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