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Excerpt The Girl & the Frog
by Lisa Jastram

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose best friend happened to be a frog. The two of them spent many happy hours together hopping around, swimming in the river and catching bugs.

One day, she thought she heard a voice whispering, “Kiss the frog.” She looked around but saw no one.
“Why should I kiss the frog?” she demanded.
“Because he will turn into a handsome prince,” the voice replied. “And why should I want him to turn into a handsome prince?” she asked. “Because,” the voice said, “every girl needs a handsome prince.”
“Maybe it’s true,” the girl thought to herself. “Maybe I do need a handsome prince.” So she turned to her frog, puckered up her lips and... “SMACK!”

She opened her eyes and there before her stood a very handsome prince! “Let’s hop!” the girl said with excitement. “Whatever for?” replied the prince. “I’d rather sit on my throne and order people about.”
“Okay then,” the girl said. “Let’s go catch some bugs. Maybe a mosquito. Or perhaps a gnat.”
“Bugs?” cried out the prince with disgust. “Those nasty things? I think not. I’d much prefer having a cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich, perhaps.”

“You will swim with me, won't you?” asked the girl.
“Swim? In that slimy river of yours?” the prince retorted.
“Don't be absurd! How about a jolly good game of polo instead?” “Polo? Cucumber sandwiches? Ordering people about?” exclaimed the girl. “Why you’re no fun at all! I want my frog back!” And even though it seemed a very disgusting thing to do, the girl took a deep breath, grabbed the prince and... “SMACK!”

There sat her best friend once again.
Off they happily hopped as the girl thought to herself, “I will never trade my good friend again–– not even for a prince!”

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