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Welcome to Providence Publishing, where we have been "providing publishing" of the highest quality since 1996. We focus on "creative" partnerships to produce quality books with quality people and organizations.

We founded the company in 1996 to publish fun, yet beautiful children's books for professional storytellers and speakers who speak at schools. We have partnered with companies such as SchoolVisit.net, FreeAuthorVisits.com and EveryChildanAuthor.com in working toward a common goal: "To inspire kids to love reading & writing... through books, dynamic author visits AND creativity!"

So if you are an amazing established storyteller or exceptionally great with kids (along with having great story ideas) then Providence Publishing will consider your manuscript.

Before submitting, please write us a query letter via our CONTACT page. Include your story titles/ideas plus your credentials as a speaker/storyteller or convince us you are great with large groups of children, since we specialize in offering amazing author visits to schools.

The illustrators we look for are young up-and-coming artists who work fast. We usually look for either students or alumni from prestigious art schools. Being that our president graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, he knows the value of an opportunity. We like to give talented students (or young artists) an opportunity to immediately bolster their resume and start their professional career as well.

Please email your name, phone #, and portfolio/website to us at help@providencepublishing.com.

We are looking for passionate people in every state to partner with us to become an Ambassador of Education by joining our team in helping kids all across the country become published authors! We have helped over 5,000 kids become authors so far and need your help to spread the "word."

It's simple, just refer other schools in your area or in a different state to get their kids published and YOU get to have that book published under your name as an ECAA imprint... plus can also write the Forward for all your books as well.

To get started, write to us through EveryChildanAuthor.com.

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