Meet the Author
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Duke Nguyen ('wynn') is the author of Elmer the Dog. He has also had a story
appear in the children's book anthology, Eric Kimmel and Friends Present: The
Rolling Stone and Other Read Aloud Stories. In the last year, Duke and his
childhood pal Vuthy Kuon have also co-illustrated three Herbert Hilligan

Besides visiting schools, Duke has also worked with the Houston Independent School District's 'Reads to Lead' program, acted as a judge at the HISD Young Author's Digital Book Fair, appeared at Kids Fest for the Houston Public Libraries and lectured teachers on the art of teaching kids writing. Duke has also visited Barnes & Nobles in the Houston area. His book, Elmer the Dog is used as a part of the curriculum for HISD Project Clear and is recommended for use in other reading programs.

The son of a Vietnamese immigrant and an American mother, Duke was born in Dallas in 1972. He was raised in Houston and earned a degree at the University of Texas in Advertising. Before devoting himself to children's books, Duke worked for five years as an award-winning advertising copywriter in San Francisco and New York.

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